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The splendid 19th century Villa is located in the heart of the medieval town of Manziana near Rome. Its unique and elegant rooms provide the perfect combination of classic style and modern comfort. The villa, built in the seventeenth century was used as a hunting lodge by the Court of Anguillara. It has undergone many changes to finally become the beautiful Villa that stands today. Light was brought back to the ornate ceilings and fixtures which are mostly decorated in plant or floral styles. A delightful swimming pool was built on the grounds of the villa with its terraces overlooking the great valley below. An incredible view takes your breath away as you gaze at the sky, the lake of Bracciano with its castle, and the ancient Roman Aqueducts of Traiano from 109 BC.

Rooms for your guests: 10

Symbolic Ceremony: yes

Civil Ceremony: yes

Inside restaurant: yes

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